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Chiropractic Care at Stackis Chiropractic: It's the Why, Not Just the How

chiropractic-table-sq-400At Stackis Chiropractic, Dr. Jeff believes effective chiropractic care goes beyond simply knowing how to perform techniques. The key to successful treatment lies in understanding why a particular method is chosen for each patient. Let’s explore the reasoning behind our approach to chiropractic care and how it benefits you.

Tailoring Techniques to Individual Needs

Every patient who walks through our doors is unique, and so are their chiropractic needs. Dr. Jeff explains that specific techniques are going to be better for certain people, so our personalized approach ensures you receive the most effective and comfortable treatment possible.

Some factors we consider when choosing a technique include age, patient preference, and specific conditions. The nature and severity of your condition directly influence our technique selection to ensure you receive the proper care.

Our seniors, infants, and young children tend to do better with low-force techniques, and others just prefer different methods. Our team always takes your comfort and preferences into consideration.

Understanding the Root Cause of Your Pain

Before deciding on a care plan, we seek out the underlying cause of your pain or discomfort through patient history, physical exam, checking range of motion, orthopedic testing if necessary, and palpating the spine and muscles. This comprehensive assessment allows us to identify the true source of your discomfort, choose the most appropriate technique, and tailor care to meet your specific needs.

One size doesn’t fit all in chiropractic care; Dr. Jeff understands the importance of adaptability. Sometimes, he uses a combination of different techniques on the patient based on what part of the spine he’s adjusting.

This flexible approach allows him to address different areas of your spine with the most suitable techniques, adjust our methods as your treatment progresses, and ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process.

Targeted Adjustment Methods We Use

Dr. Jeff employs three primary techniques at our practice:

  • Activator® Technique— “It’s very specific, very fast, and very gentle,” says Dr. Jeff. This instrument-assisted method is often used for older patients, children, and those with specific conditions requiring a gentler touch.
  • Manual Hands-On Adjusting—This traditional technique is favored by many patients who prefer a hands-on approach. It’s versatile and can be adapted to various conditions and patient preferences.
  • Drop Table Technique—your chiropractor may also use a drop table for certain parts of the spine. This technique is particularly effective for adjusting the pelvis and lower back.

Understanding the root cause of your issue significantly influences our choice of technique, whether it’s a slow, easy, and gentle approach or traditional manual adjustments.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

At Stackis Chiropractic, we believe your comfort is crucial to the success of your treatment.
Whether you’re a “big, burly construction worker” who prefers the gentle Activator or a petite athlete who enjoys manual adjustments, we’re here to accommodate your preferences while ensuring effective care.

Experience the Difference at Stackis Chiropractic

Understanding the “why” behind our techniques allows us to provide you with personalized, effective care. Dr. Jeff and the team at Stackis Chiropractic are committed to treating your symptoms and addressing the root cause of your discomfort.

Ready to experience chiropractic care tailored to your unique needs? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeff today.


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