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Stackis Chiropractic | Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Stackis Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact us if you have any questions.

Yours in health
Dr. Jeff Stackis

Did a Great Job

Linda and Jeff were amazingly friendly and listened to everything I had to say about my back pain. Jeff did a great job explaining what he was confident was the problem and how he was going to fix it. I am also 37 weeks pregnant, so he did a great job doing everything he could while also being conscious of my pregnancy. I will definitely keep going back and would recommend him to anyone!

-Chelsea K.

Left Feeling Healthier

I had a positive, warm and excellent experience in the care and results in my first visit. I entered with nagging, aching neck pain, and left feeling healthier and with less pain and more comfortable in walking and moving overall. Advised me to apply moist heat in intervals, and to do exercise suggested. Today, the day after, I find I am feeling so much better and relieved. I am very pleased with the doctor and his technique. The warm welcome and greeting from his secretary, Linda contributed to making my experience there for first time, very comfortable and less concerning. I would recommend Dr. Stackis for several reasons, his professionalism, how well he explains his work and process, management of his office as you feel cared for and welcomed the minute you are greeted by his secretary, Linda. His fees are reasonable and insurance is explained in manner in which you clearly understand. The responsibility of contacting insurance is taken on by Linda and keeps you advised, less concern for patient. I feel anyone who decides to see Dr. Stackis will find their overall experience to be comforting, and discover a healthier and fresher new take on their health results. Thank you Dr. Stackis and Linda for making many of us feel better and bring us back to enjoying every day life and good health.

-Vickey N.

Holistic Approach To Healing

I appreciate Dr. Stackis’ Holistic approach to healing my severely inflamed sciatic nerve and S-I joint subluxation. Dr. Stackis was very knowledgeable, professional and warmly attentive to my comfort and response to treatment. Although probably unusual, I felt significantly better after the first treatment. Dr. Stackis uses advanced, gentle, reflex-based adjustments that greatly reduced my discomfort and improved my strength right from the start. I highly recommend Stackis Chiropractic.

-Patti M.



Feel like a new man!

After seeing the great results my wife and son got from going to Stackis Chiropractic I thought I would give them a try. For several months I had many aches and pains that had begun to bother my hip and knee. It was interfering with my walking and everyday activities and I needed relief. My condition started improving shortly into my care with Dr. Jeff. With continued care my symptoms have subsided and I feel better than I have in a long time! I have more energy and am moving a lot better without the pain. I only wish I had tried chiropractic sooner because now I feel like a new man!

-Mike Schultz

Dr. Jeff Stackis, Dubuque Chiropractor


Headaches Sufferer

For over a year I was suffering with headaches before I decided to go see a chiropractor. I tried alternative solutions but none gave me relief. My headaches started to improve not long into care with Dr. Jeff. Along with my headaches improving, my sleep has gotten better and I feel better overall! My wife has also noticed that I am not as moody! I appreciate how Dr. Jeff truly seems to care about each patient and I feel like more than just a number. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to Stackis Chiropractic but with treatment and exercises given to me from Dr. Jeff I have been able to enjoy a better quality of life!

-Rick Guns

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


A true sense of well-being

I first consulted Dr. Stackis for ongoing neck pain that began over a decade ago. With time I noticed my upper back, shoulder area and lower back were also painful.

After undergoing chiropractic care for two weeks with Dr. Stackis’ Activator Technique I noticed the intensity of my pain decreased and my sleep patterns improved. I felt energized and overall happier. Now I can live life with a true sense of well-being.

Stackis Chiropractic provides a relaxed, friendly, healing environment that creates results.

– Christopher Bode

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


Enjoying life more

I suffered from migraine headaches for about 6 years. They were so bad I went to a neurologist. I was given a couple of prescriptions because my migraines were so painful. One of my medications was what we called the “CRISIS” migraine medicine because it was to be used when my migraines were at their worst. At the time I made an appointment to see Dr. Jeff I was taking my “CRISIS” medication on a daily basis and that’s why I felt I needed to seek out an alternative to my medications. Soon after I started my chiropractic care my migraine headaches were less frequent and less severe. I also noticed my digestive system was working better and I was even sleeping better. Being under Chiropractic care allows me to rely less on medications and to enjoy life more. I like the gentle technique Dr. Jeff uses and how I’m educated about how the body works. Since starting Chiropractic care my husband and two daughters also come in so we all can be at our best.

– Dawn Brosius

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


Better workouts

I had been having hip and shoulder pain for about 8 months. I had tried over the counter medications and stretches but the pain was still there. Friends of mine recommended that I go see Dr. Jeff to see if he could help me. After my first adjustment I immediately felt improvement. Since starting care I can jog and work out and not have the problems I was having before and my overall health has also improved. I enjoy coming to Stackis Chiropractic because everyone is so friendly and I feel awesome!

– Heather Richman

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


A stronger immune system

In the past, I’ve suffered from a seasonal upper respiratory infection on a yearly basis. These infections resulted in prolonged bouts of coughing with labored breathing that would leave me feeling exhausted. I consulted Dr. Jeff Stackis in hope of building a stronger immune system. After undergoing chiropractic adjustments for a short time I began to feel stronger and healthier. Now, my immune system works as it should. My body is able to defeat these upper respiratory infections before they begin. I’ve learned to read the subtle messages my body sends me which enables me to take better care of myself. With the help of Dr. Stackis, my mind and body are attuned as one.

– Linda Klein

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


Able to have more fun

I had body aches from my head to my toes. I was also having back pain and recovering from a herniated disc in my neck. I was going to Physical Therapy for my herniated disc and was taking a lot of prescription medications for my pain. I had received a flyer in the newspaper from Stackis Chiropractic and since I wanted to get off my medications and be out of pain, I gave them a call.

At first Dr. Jeff recommended that I come in three times a week to see what kind of changes we could make. Three weeks into my care I noticed a change. I was taking less medications and I started to feel better all over. Not only were my aches and pains less but I emotionally and physically felt better. Now I’m able to do my gardening, go for walks, and be more active. My husband is also happier because now we can do more fun things together. I enjoy coming in for periodic adjustments because everyone is so friendly and it also keeps me at my best.

– Patsy Sheehan

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


No more sciatica!

I had been living with sciatica for many years. The pain originated in my lower back and radiated down my leg making everyday activities very difficult. I treated my discomfort with OTC medications without relief. I consulted with Dr. Jeff Stackis at my daughter’s suggestion and within one month of chiropractic treatment I was pain free. My overall health has improved enabling me to have a positive outlook on life. I have a higher energy level and feel great!

Stackis Chiropractic really made a wonderful difference in my life.

– Tom Klein

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


I have my health back

For about 5 to 6 years I felt as if my health was declining. I was feeling sick and rundown all of the time. I had tried medical doctors, vitamins and supplements. Nothing seemed to help.

I received a flyer from Stackis Chiropractic through the newspaper and I thought I would see if they could help me with my health. After about 30 days into my chiropractic care I started feeling more energetic and healthier. My immune system was working so much better after being adjusted. I’m enjoying life more. My family and friends are commenting that I look healthier.

I enjoy coming to Stackis Chiropractic, everyone is so friendly and I feel I have my health back.

– Trish Julson

Stackis Chiropractic Testimonial


My Work was Killing Me

In my line of work I am always stooping over picking up babies and it was a challenge for me with my hip and low back pain. I was not sleeping well or able to go walking like I wanted. I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor but my neighbor told me about Dr. Jeff and his instrument adjusting.

I took her advice and after just a few adjustments I began to notice improvement. With continued chiropractic care with Dr. Jeff I am more flexible, I sleep better, bending over is a lot easier, I can ride in cars and walk up and down stairs without all the pain. Now I can enjoy my work a lot more as well. What I like most about Stackis Chiropractic is the great late hours, the friendly staff and Dr. Jeff’s wonderful adjustments!

-Sue Griebel

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