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Easy Ways to Improve Flexibility and Fitness

people working out outdoorsYou don’t have to be a contortionist or yoga instructor to have good flexibility, which can be defined as the ability to have a full range of motion within the joint structures of each body part, whether it’s your knee, hip, neck, or back.

It’s vital for each joint to have this full range of motion. Without it, joints can become tighter putting into motion a vicious cycle that includes decreased blood flow, nutrient scarcity, wear and tear on the joint, muscle shortening, and ligament tightening.

Maintaining flexibility is essential for overall health and fitness. It allows us to use our muscles regularly and efficiently, reducing the risk of injury and promoting improved alignment of our bodies.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments restore natural motion within joint structures and affect the nervous system, which can relax muscles when they’re too tight. Dr. Jeff provides recommendations for activities outside the office, such as stretches, postural retraining, and exercises. All of these focus on better alignment, allowing your body to use those muscles more efficiently and stretch more effectively without risk of injury.

At-Home Stretches for Improved Flexibility

To improve flexibility, Dr. Jeff often recommends the Cobra stretch, a yoga move that effectively stretches out the lower back. Other simple yet beneficial exercises include

  • Rolling the shoulders
  • Standing marching to get some movement into the hips (ideal if you have a sedentary job)
  • Chin tucks, which are helpful for those working at a computer or spending prolonged periods at home

These basic movements can be incredibly valuable in maintaining and improving flexibility and overall fitness. By improving your flexibility today you can enjoy a healthier, more active you tomorrow.

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