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Have Pain in Your Shoulders? Chiropractic Can Help!

The Impact of Shoulder Pain on Our Lives

older man showing shoulder painShoulder pain can completely upend our lives. It makes it painful to hold our children and grandchildren. Reaching for a simple box of cereal in the cupboard can cause sudden, debilitating symptoms. It can settle in as an ache that’s ever present during your commute, or prevent you from enjoying that pickup game of pickleball or a round of golf.

As we try to alleviate this kind of pain, it’s important to understand how it may have started, and how we can prevent it from getting worse in the future.

Getting to the Root Cause

We can develop shoulder pain in a variety of ways. It can develop from lingering sports injuries and related inflammation. It can also result from overuse and repetitive motion patterns.

If you are in a seated position for long periods of time, reaching for the mouse or keyboard, and your spine is not in alignment, shoulder pain can also develop as a symptom of this environment. Sometimes even sleeping on one side more than the other can help induce upper body problems. If you’re a woman in perimenopause or menopause, a symptom known as “frozen shoulder” can develop from the changes in your hormone level as well.

Regardless of how the pain enters the picture, there are numerous chiropractic adjustment styles and related modalities that can help target the pain, realign the spine for prevention, and restore our mobility.

You’re in Great Hands at Stackis Chiropractic

When you have shoulder problems, it’s often connected to the mid back and up into the neck region. If there is a restriction in that area of the spine, or it’s out of alignment, it greatly affects how the motion of the shoulder and the shoulder girdle or the scapula can work.

As chiropractors, when you come in for an adjustment we evaluate the entire spine, with focus on the neck, the mid back, upper back, as well as the scapula, checking to make sure everything’s moving mechanically the way it’s supposed to.

If we find it isn’t, we make adjustments. We will have you return for additional treatments, making adjustments consistently to achieve stability. In return, you’ll improve your range of motion. For your homework, you’ll be given exercises to do in between appointments to strengthen and support the problem so we can try to prevent it from coming back.

Don’t Spend Another Day in Pain

We can help you overcome shoulder pain, no matter how it came to be. Stop suffering in silence and regain your independence and mobility. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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