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Maintaining Your Lower Back With Chiropractic

young woman modern office back painConnected to your pelvis, your lumbar spine (lower back) bears most of your body’s weight, as well as the strain of lifting and carrying items. So when the lumbar spine is out of alignment, it’s going to work up and work down, affecting the kinetic chain.

Pelvic low back problems can work their way up to the shoulders and the neck to cause headaches and those low back issues can work their way down (if the pelvis is off) into the hips, knees, and feet and vice versa. “As upright creatures running around on two legs, it’s important that we keep that pelvis and lumbar spine in proper balance and alignment,” said Dr. Jeff.

The Role of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses on keeping the pelvis and the lower back aligned properly as well as keeping the joints moving within their proper range of motion, which helps us move more easily and helps reduce stress and compression on those joints. If the compression and the stresses remain on those joints too long, it can start degenerative changes, and we don’t want that to happen!

How Long Does It Take to Feel Better?

The longer the problems have been there, typically, the longer it’s going to take for patients to respond. Also if there’s already some damage done to those joints, those patients might need a little bit more time to respond.

It also depends on the overall health of the person. So, if someone comes in and they’re in relatively good shape, exercises regularly, and this is their first bout of lower back pain, they typically respond faster than someone who’s had repetitive bouts over the course of years. These bouts could be due to either past injuries, or maybe their career requires them to put their body in positions that are not ideal for the lower back.

The good news is we have ways of helping patients support their lower back by providing them with core-specific workouts. Regular chiropractic care can also keep you in your best alignment.

If you’re experiencing low back pain, we want to help. Contact Stackis Chiropractic today to book an appointment!

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