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Meet the Stackis Chiropractic Team


Linda Stackis

Linda Stackis profile

Chiropractic has made a huge change in my life!

For years, I suffered from daily headaches and migraines. I missed out on a lot of fun activities because I had a migraine and the only thing I could do is lay in bed. Since starting chiropractic I rarely even get mild headaches and I never have to miss out on the fun. I’ve been working in the office since 2002 and I love the interaction I have with all the different patients. I also get to see the amazing life changing experiences people have with chiropractic care.

Outside of the Office

In my free time I enjoy being with family and friends, playing games, reading, going to movies and snuggling with my Yorkie Preston :) . I have always had a passion for fashion and interior decorating so I started my own business called Chic Style.

-Linda Stackis


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